Izmir Health Technologies Development and Accelerator (BioIzmir) Initiative gathers the fundamental “from bench side to bed side” components in the medical world. BioIzmir is implemented with “one-stop-shop” approach to support Izmir vision being the intersection of health enterprise and innovation on regional, national and international platforms.

BioIzmir’s main objective is to influence academic researchers and industry as an “accelerator”, “facilitator”, “developer”, “synchronizer” and “concentrator” from the idea to product and market in all phases in the field on health.

Izmir Health Technologies Development and Accelerator (BioIzmir) was launched on March 2015 to serve Izmir to expand as a gateway for health initiatives and innovation. Dokuz Eylul University and Dokuz Eylul Technology Development Zone (DEPARK) conduct BioIzmir with the financial grant of Izmir Development Agency, IZKA.

BioIzmir takes place in various international health technologies network participations namely Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio), The Illinois Medical District Commission and Hokkaido University summing up more than 15 worldwide.

Bioİzmir Facility is   located right in the middle of the versatile and fully functional health campus incorporating a hospital.

Bioİzmir Facility is located right in the middle of the health campus, fully integrated to the technopark, hospital, research center, laboratories and academic education field.

BioIzmir comprises of accredited laboratories for accredited test services and pilot production unit.

  • Quality Control and Certification Laboratories
    • In-Vitro Biocompatibility Laboratory
    • In-Vivo Preclinical Testing Laboratory
    • Medical Device Testing and Calibration Laboratory
    • Biotech Drug Quality Control Laboratory
    • Biosimulation Laboratory
  • Pilot Production Facility
    • The pilot production facilities are for primarily on biosimilar or original biotech.


  • The companies can execute their projects starting from idea to pilot production and to phase studies ranges, without any further need to complete the cycle by other means.
  • Diverse and multidisciplinary academic consultancy needs of the private companies are fulfilled within the same facility.
  • Health R&D and innovation capacity of Izmir, Turkey, Southeastern Europe and MENA is diversified and expanded.
  • Ease of international market penetration for health companies due to accredited test services.
  • The wide range of services offered like accreditation, certification and pilot production facilities increases the international visibility of companies.
  • The pilot production facilities are performed for a range of medical devices to diagnostic kits, biomaterials and related health technologies products.

BioIzmir invites the ecosystem stakeholders to be a part of its vision of ”Izmir, the Health Innovation Valley” as the next global hub.



Izmir Health Technologies Development and Accelerator (BioIzmir)
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